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Mar 19,  · Internet Explorer (XP) Change Log Accelerators: With accelerators you can get directions, translate words, email your friends, and more in just a few clicks. InPrivate Browsing: A new very useful feature that lets you browse the Software Version: (XP). Download the Opera browser for computer, phone, and tablet. Opera for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS. Free VPN, Ad blocker, built-in messengers. Citrio is a lightning fast and free Chromium-based web browser with added features. The ultimate web browser download page for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Compare your browser with Citrio and expirience the difference.

Web browser download for windows xp free.Download the Opera Browser for Computer, Phone, Tablet | Opera

Citrio is a lightning fast and free Chromium-based web browser with added features. The ultimate web browser download page for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Compare your browser with Citrio and expirience the difference. Get Firefox, a free web browser backed by Mozilla, a non-profit dedicated to internet health and privacy. Available now on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Feb 07,  · Freeware License. Slimjet Web Browser is released under the freeware license. It is free both for personal use and commerical use. It is free to be distributed over the internet and/or through offline distribution channels as long as it .

As far as the word obsolete goes, very few widely used operating systems define the term as much as Windows XP. Its creator, Microsoft, ended support for the Windows version in April Yet, the OS still has a substantial number of users 0.

A common-sense solution would be to simply download the version of mainstream browsers that still support Windows XP, like Chrome 49 and Firefox However, while they might check the functionality box, they no longer receive security patches. Thus, they are not safe for sensitive browsing.

Here, I have compiled ten browsers that are safe and useful for web browsers on Windows XP in They require limited computer resources, which makes them ideal for the antiquated OS. Opera browsers are famously lightweight and consume less amount of processing power compared to popular alternatives.

But being lightweight is just the tip of the iceberg as far as advantages of using this browser go. Opera 36 comes with an in-built ad blocker, allowing you to enjoy fast browsing speeds. You can block unnecessary scripts that slow load times and strain CPU power without installing a dedicated extension. The web browser also has decent security features like a free VPN and a tracker blocker that prevents data collection.

Besides those, you also get several additional features that give you the feel of using a modern web browser on your old computer. This is most visible in the UI design. The interface is also completely customizable. Another feature with a modern look is the Speed Dial.

It is an elegantly built, easy-to-use feature that allows you to visit your favorite websites from the start page. There is also a News section down the start page for keeping up with the latest happenings. Also, suppose you have an Opera account on another device, mobile, or PC. In that case, you can sync your data and access them on the XP browser.

You will be able to access your saved passwords, browsing history, and bookmarks. Check out some of the best Opera alternatives here. The web browser has been around since August , using the Gecko layout engine, the same one that powers Mozilla Firefox. The developers have since switched to the Goanna layout engine, a fork of the Gecko layout.

However, it still has the look and feel of Firefox. So, you should still be able to find your way around the browser with little effort necessary. But if its default layout is not your cup of tea, K-Meleon has a highly flexible interface design. You can do everything from repositioning individual toolbars or changing the menus and toolbar buttons. Besides the personal advantage, this also makes it an ideal browser for computers meant for public use.

Despite its low RAM usage, it is fast, reliable, and supports few Mozilla extensions. You can use them to extend its functionality and customize the general appearance, respectively. Lastly, despite having a small user base, K-Meleon still receives regular support.

The most recent version, K-Meleon 76, was released in February Explore : Best Browsers For Twitch. Since software companies with commercial interests have moved beyond Windows XP, the development of browsers compatible with older software has largely fallen to open source developers.

Of the many out there, Pale Moon is one of the more reliable and popular ones. Like K-Meleon, it is a fork of Mozilla Firefox, with substantial differences in user interface and behind the scenes. In terms of the former, Pale Moon is highly customizable. For the latter, the open-source web browser runs exclusively in single-process mode. This fact, in particular, is why it is one of the best browsers for Windows XP in Because single process architecture consumes a lot less RAM, it is perfect for low spec laptops and desktops.

Pale Moon requires just MB of space, the kind of resource efficiency needed for reliable browsing. As for features, the browser comes with its own exclusive add-ons. It has a substantial collection across multiple categories such as —.

The web browser also supports addons and plugins no longer supported by newer versions of Mozilla Firefox. Beyond extensions, Pale Moon is an excellent option if privacy is a significant concern. It uses DuckDuckGo as its default search engine. So did SeaMonkey, an open-source software that is more than a browser. It is an internet suite that includes a web browser, email, and news client program.

While these may not appeal to casual users, they are helpful to advanced users, web developers, and corporate users. Thus, it has a more traditional interface reminiscent of the early days of internet browsers. Users can take advantage of this to extend the functionality of the browser with add-ons.

For regular users who just want a capable browser to access the internet, SeaMonkey comes with a slew of modern features to help you navigate easily. It has tabbed browsing, so you never have to worry about opening one page at a time. There is also session restore for picking up wherever you stopped or in the rare instance that the browser crashes.

SeaMonkey also comes with standard modern web browser tools like toolbar customization, multi-language support, security settings, and more. More impressively, it is managed by an active developer community that updates it regularly. One of the browser options on this list built on the popular Chromium engine, UR Browser, is a web browser that is just as great on old computers as it is on new ones. Its main selling point is its strong focus on user privacy.

Perhaps the most impressive is its Ninja Mode, its take on the standard incognito mode. You can browse in regular and private modes using different tabs.

Although this may not seem like a big deal, it helps conserve RAM and battery. The web browser also comes with a virus scanner that scans websites and blocks any cyber threat. A useful tool considering Windows XP no longer receives security updates from Microsoft. Ultimately, you can control the effectiveness of these privacy features by setting privacy levels.

Besides its privacy and security features, UR Browser is easy to install and simple to use. The interface is similar to Google Chrome , thanks to their shared Chromium engine. It also comes with a download manager with a distinct look.

All these features and more are available to all old Windows PCs and modern versions such as Windows 8, 8. Besides Opera 36 mentioned above, Maxthon Browser is the second most popular browser on this list and a great option if you want something with a large user base. It is the product of the Chinese company Maxthon, and it has been around since Although it has been subject to data privacy scandals since its initial release, it remains popular thanks to several features and compatibility with multiple devices.

Despite its Chromium engine, Maxthon is a lightweight web browser. Not only does that make it suitable for an XP computer, but it can also run on Windows Also, the web browser comes with an in-built ad blocker, which makes pages load faster and reduces RAM consumption.

It also has screen capture, multi-tab manager, autofill, smart address bar, and multi-search. The latter allows users to input keywords in the search bar and receive results from multiple search engines simultaneously. Furthermore, Maxthon Browser has robust cloud synchronization and data backup. So you can easily sync and access data such as passwords, browsing history, bookmarks, and more from other devices on your Windows XP computer, and vice versa.

Also, because of its Chromium engine, Windows XP users can enjoy the full functionality of modern browsers by installing plugins. The web browser supports the Chrome add-ons library. So you can install themes or extensions to pimp out the browser to your preference. Interesting Comparison : Brave vs Opera. Open source projects are often a form of protest against their commercial counterpart.

Otter Browser, one of the best browsers you can install on Windows XP in , is no different. Reportedly, in pursuit of quarterly profits, Opera Software switched from the Presto layout engine to Webkit and Blink engine. It has been around since , receiving support and updates from a dedicated developer community and user base. The browser is built to resemble early versions of Opera while making everything else modern and fully integrated with desktop environments.

Besides the fact it is not tied to a corporate entity, Otter Browser maintains its presence thanks to its modular model. This enables users to replace components with their preferred designs. If this sounds like Otter Browser is for advanced users, that is because it is. But that is not to say it cannot do a good job for anyone with an old Windows XP they want to bring back to life. The browser comes with features for regular users like a password manager, URL completion, speed dial.

There is also an addon manager, spell check, customizable GUI, and bookmarks. Otter Browser is also very committed to privacy.

It uses DuckDuckGo as its default search engine and has in-built content blocking tools that prevent ads and cookie tracking. Overall, if you want a taste of old-school Opera with modern capabilities and improved privacy and security features, Otter is worth considering.

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