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3×4 bale feeder free download.large SQUARE Bale Cattle Feeder


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NOW 1 person can feed large square bales from the comfort of their tractor. All that is needed is to get out and cut/pull the strings. Feed as much or as little – Alfalfa, Grass, Corn Stalks – All placed in a nice neat fluffed up row. 3X3 – 3X4 – 4X4 – . Download brochure. and is designed to grab a single 3×3, 3×4 or 4×4 big bale. This unit can be mounted sideways or endways. ( Big BALES) Download brochure. and help you get the information you want. Feel free to call our office any time. Howell Prairie Rd. NE Salem, OR () () sales. The Precision Big Bale feeder feeds the large square bales of hay, 3×3, and 3×4. I built it for horse lovers who don’t have the time, the equipment, or in some cases the physical ability to haul and stack hay to feed their horses. With many working families the feeding chore often falls to Mom. She can hook this machine on to her SUV, go to the Email: [email protected]

3×4 bale feeder free download.Big Bale Feeder – Premier1Supplies

Feeds 3×3, 3×4 and 4×4 bales 2 bale capacity 1 bale on the feed table 1 bale in the cradle. Pull Behind Feeder 13′ – 25′ bed Feeds off the side Feeds 3×3, 3×4, 4×4 bales bale capacity. SALES PARTS SERVICE CAREERS FEEDERS BY ROBBCO DESIGN SALES PARTS. For the square bale feeder rack, we used 3/8” steel rods attached to a frame of 1/8” steel rectangle tubing. This hay rack is designed to be filled – time after time after time. The grain trough beneath the square bale feeder is 32” wide, built from gauge steel, and stands 25″ from the ground. (For a shorter version, see our goat. All round bales, including 4 and 5 ft wide, up to 6 ft diameter. All square bales even of sizes up to 8 ft long. All wrapped high moisture balage (baled silage) bales – without ever plugging! All Hay & Straw bales of any forage type – proven with more than different forage types. All frozen bales that have been stored outside over winter. 3.

Simply put, our bale handlers are the toughest, longest lasting units available. Their unique, opposing spring steel teeth work like a claw — with plenty of strength to dig deep into your tightest bales while easily gripping even your softest hay.

The sealed ball bearing tooth shaft pivots and an all-steel tubing frame makes the entire unit virtually indestructible. Each model quickly and easily mounts to a variety of loaders, and requires only one hydraulic remote to operate the teeth. Our big bale handlers feature solid hook bars, big bale teeth, and sealed bearings in every rail, making them more than a match for your 3×3, 3×4 or 4×4 big bales. Our handler features: four solid tooth bars with a total of 8 big bale teeth, 8 ball bearings, and is designed to grab a single 3×3, 3×4 or 4×4 big bale.

This unit can be mounted sideways or endways. Our handler features: four solid tooth bars with a total of 16 big bale teeth, designed to grab three 3×3, two 3×4 or two 4×4 big bales. This vertically mounted version of the standard Model is specifically designed to handle up to 3 bales tall from their sides. Using both the standard 20 teeth, and the addition of 5 bale spears, this becomes the ultimate unit for moving big square bales.

This is also the premier unit available for loading and unloading vans and ocean containers of big bales. The 3V is one of our most popular models. It allows you to unload big bales from the side of a truck or stack.

The smooth spears come in a variety of lengths 24, 40, and 54″ to accommodate different sizes of bales. This reliable handler makes it easy to handle your big bales. We designed this top-of-the-line big bale handler with high-volume hay producers in mind. The 3VHD has a heavily reinforced frame, four tooth shafts twenty big bale teeth.

This unit provides the ultimate in durability and control. NE Salem, OR sales steffensystems. See also: Options , Loader Mounts. Download brochure. Brochure coming soon.